Aryen Moore-Alston has been cooking in front of a camera since she was a child.  She would set up her parents’ video camera in the kitchen and conduct her cooking shows.  But that was just the beginning.  This dynamic actress and choreographer grew up in Italy, lived in Japan and speaks Japanese and Italian fluently.  She exudes an infectious confidence and energetic personality that will make your mouth water – and she hasn’t even begun to cook.

Aryen’s fascination with the Italian and Asian cultures and their cuisine has been the best training for this diligent chef.  As a busy young woman, juggling work responsibilities, her commitment to healthy eating and an involvement with the entertainment industry, Moore-Alston focuses on creating meals that are flavorful, easy to prepare and ideal for sharing with family and friends.

Aryen graduated from Spelman College, where she led a team of female scientists who programmed robotic dogs to play soccer without human intervention and has worked as a casting agent in California, where she currently lives.  Co-hosting This House is Cooking! gives her an opportunity to combine the elements she loves most – family, cooking and entertaining.




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